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The Third Generation New-type Sand Making Equipment: VSI Sand Maker

SANME Sand maker
Structure of VSI Sand Maker

Sand Maker is suitable for crushing and shaping soft or middle-hard or extremely hard materials, widely applied to pebble, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, dolerite, andesite), iron ore tailings, artificial sand making of stone chips. Water conservancy and hydropower of engineering field, high-grade highways, expressway and railway, passenger railway, bridge, airport pavement, municipal engineering, sand manufacturing and aggregated rock shaping.
VSI Impact Sand maker is called as VSI Sand Maker for short, also called as The Third Generation Sand Maker or New-type Sand Maker. SANME introduced German technology, developed and manufactured this international level high performance new-type sand making equipment; it places an irreplaceable role in fine crushing.
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Features,working principle and application of VSI Sand Maker

Features and technology advantages:
1.Simple and reasonable structure, low cost
2.High crushing ratio, energy saving
3.Fine crush and grind
4.Moisture content of raw material up to about 8%
5.Suitable for crushing hard material
6.Excellent shape of final product
7.Small abrasion, easy maintenance
8.Noise when working is below 75dB

Working principle of VSI Sand Maker:

The materials fall into impeller with high-speed rotation vertically. On the force of high-speed centrifugal, the materials strike to the other part of material in a high speed. After mutual impacting, the materials will strike and rub between the impeller and the casing and then be discharged straight from the lower portion to form a closed multiple cycles. Final product is controlled by screening equipment to meet the requirement.

Video of VSI Sand Maker

Generally, it is used for crushing pebble, weathered stone, limestone, granite, basalt, etc.

Application Range of VSI Sand Maker

Technical Data of VSI Sand Maker

Model Max Feed Size(mm) Rotor Speed(r/min) Throughput(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) Weight(kg)
VSI-3000 45(70) 1700-2000 30-60 75-90 3080×1716×2126 ≤5310
VSI-4000 55(70) 1400-1620 50-90 110-150 4100×1916×2166 ≤7840
VSI-5000 65(80) 1330-1530 80-150 180-264 4300×2215×2427 ≤11200
VSI-6000 70(100) 1200-1400 120-250 264-320 5300×2728×2773 ≤14590
VSI-7000 70(100) 1000-1200 180-350 320-400 5300×2728×2863 ≤16580
VSI-8000 80(150) 1000-1100 250-380 400-440 6000×3000×3420 ≤23450
VSI-9000 80(150) 1000-1100 380-600 440-630 6000×3022×3425 ≤23980
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Technological process for artificial sand making production line

This production line takes raw materials being less than 40mm as the example for introduction.

Equipment of sand making production line

Ancillary equipment including:Vibrating Feeder, Cone Crusher, Jaw Crusher,Impact Crusher, Sand Washer, Vibrating Screen and Powder Separator dtc.

Projects of VSI Sand Maker

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